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  • health wellness
  • Altitude Acclimation
    Altitude Issues are caused by the lack of Oxygen Density in the air above 5,000 feet.
    Oxygen helps the best. Help is Here.
  • Sports Performance
    Professional Sports Teams
    are using Boost Oxygen!
    Anytime breathing is compromised Athletes become deficient in Oxygen.
    Out of Breath, Cramping, PoorMuscle Performance, etc. Fact is people
    will recover aerobically naturally. But will it be IN TIME? Most sports
    have a clock, Body does not have enough time to replenish naturally
    and perform at its best.
  • hangover remedy
    Oxygen is the most effective Hangover Remedy
    by far- and now it is convenient and accessible.
    Try some before you go to bed and after you wake up
    and be impressed. Help is Here.
  • health wellness
    Optimize your Oxygen to Feel Better. Ahhhh.
  • muscle fitness
    Oxygen for Fast Recovery,
    Peak Performance and Optimal Results.


Help is Here

Oxygen is the source of life. Much more important and vital than water or food, most humans can’t live without it for more than only 5 minutes.

The atmosphere most of us breathe contains around 21% Pure Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, and 1% other gases. Purified Oxygen – Oxygen that is concentrated anywhere from 30% to 99.9%- is used by a wide variety of individuals, for a wide variety of reasons.  All of these reasons are positive and helpful.

Oxygen is great for you.

But where you can readily purchase better and more nutritious food, and hydrate with better liquids, purchasing Purified Oxygen in a practical manner has been virtually impossible. Until Boost Oxygen.

Boost Oxygen is 95% Pure Oxygen. (the other 5% is just normal ambient air). Packaged in convenient, easy to use, and portable canisters. In either 6 Liter or 2 Liter canisters.

Oxygen Helps. Oxygen is now Here. (or at a store near you!)

Help is Here.

Rob Neuner, Co-founder & President
Rob Neuner, Co-founder & President

Who We Are

Boost Oxygen was founded in 2007 by Rob Neuner and Renee Minogue. Rob had just sold a beer importing and distributing company and  Renee’s family had a long history in the Aerosol industry.

As previous business travel took us to central Europe over the previous decade, one of the products seen there were personal and portable Oxygen cans used for recreational purposes. It made sense- professional athletes/Football players use supplemental oxygen all the time- why not the amateur athlete?  

But with a little further investigation, we found that Purified Oxygen had a bunch of great and practical applications, and to be able to offer a convenient solution at an affordable cost could benefit so many people . For instance- we found Purified Oxygen to be a GREAT, IMMEDIATE remedy for Altitude Acclimation. But people could not get affordable or convenient access to it. People going to the Rockies to visit who suffer from initial Altitude Sickness could now have immediate access to Oxygen.

With more research, we found Purified Oxygen was also great for aerobic recovery in Sports (e.g. Football players), Weight Training (Schwarzenegger reportedly used Oxygen tanks in his Mr. Olympia days), Hangovers, Stress Relief, General Health, Skin Care and so much more. But again- as Oxygen tanks are not commercially available to the general public, the benefits of Purified Oxygen have not been touted by the media. (why report on something you can’t get?)

So we set out to change that, and educate – and learn- as we go. We are always buoyed by people who ‘get it’ – like the Professional Hockey Teams  Rangers, Islanders, Ducks and Kings who have the Boost available on their benches during to help their players recover faster after hard shifts. Or Vail Resorts, who offer the Boost all throughout their mountain retail locations to help their patrons who might be feeling the altitude. Or The Sports Authority- who carries it nationwide to help all the athletes who swing through their doors. And all of our many retail and wholesale partners who take pride in the satisfaction of their customers.

Oxygen helps.

Boost Oxygen is 95% pure oxygen and is obviously all-natural and safe. Available without added aromas (Natural) or with natural Aromatherapy scents added (like Oxygen bars) .  It is 100% legal and is not a banned substance for any Sporting Event according to the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA). A few deep breaths can make a huge, positive difference in how we feel, recover and perform.  We hope you enjoy your Boost Oxygen.

What Is Oxygen Good For?

Altitude SicknessAltitude Sickness

According to WEB MD, Supplemental oxygen is the #1 recommended remedy for the symptoms of Altitude Sickness, which is caused by the deprivation of oxygen to the body. Approximately 40% of people who visit high altitude/low Oxygen tourist attractions, like the Colorado Rockies, experience ranges of Acute Mountain Sickness.(Headaches, Nausea, Malaise) The only way to admit Oxygen into the body is through the Lungs, and to help you feel better faster aerobically, Oxygen is the way to go. 

Boost Oxygen is 95% Pure Oxygen, conveniently available when and where YOU need it. Help is Here. 

Sports Performance

Phil Soul There is a reason professional athletes, like football players, hockey players, and speed skaters use supplemental oxygen. During strenuous physical activity, the body exhales more carbon dioxide than it admits oxygen.

This lack of oxygen can and does cause muscle fatigue, cramping and poor performance. Supplemental Oxygen can simply help replenish what is deficient, enabling faster aerobic recovery and athletes achieve peak mental and muscle performance.

As finding, purchasing and carrying huge and expensive Oxygen tanks is not an option most athletes have, Boost Oxygen provides a convenient, portable, cost-effective solution. Help is Here. 

Hangover Remedy Hangover Remedy

The science to curing a hangover is simple. More oxygen!

Alcohol leads to oxygen deficiency. Oxygen deficiency can lead to headaches, nausea, malaise, etc. The Hangover is very similar symptomatically to Altitude Sickness! 

Don’t take our word for it. Ask the countless policemen, firemen, nurses, welders, and scuba divers who use supplemental oxygen on a regular basis what the best cure for a hangover is.

Why has Oxygen not been properly recognized by Hangover 'Experts'? Maybe becasue Supplemental Oxygen has never been as accessible and convenient to the Public. Or maybe once they try it, they may not be able to write about anything else! 

Boost Oxygen’s 22 oz can is the most convenient, fast and effective remedy for a hangover. Period. It attacks the Hangover at the cause. 

Simply inhale the Boost Oxygen right after your night out drinking, and if still necessary in the morning after you wake up- and you may never party without Boost Oxygen again. Help is Here. 

Muscle & FitnessMuscle & Fitness

Give your workout a serious BOOST! Use Boost Oxygen’s supplemental oxygen to help maximize the effectiveness of each set.

Serious weightlifters know that proper oxygen intake is one of the foundations to lifting. Proper breathing technique goes hand-in-hand with quality & quantity of the oxygen intake.

During his Mr. Olympia days, Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly inhaled supplemental oxygen between sets of heavy legwork with the goal of accomplishing more sets and building more muscle.

Use what the victorious use and Feel the Boost! Help is Here. 

Health & Wellness Health & Wellness

It is universally known that maximizing your oxygen intake relaxes the muscles, reduces stress, can help mental acuity, and promotes recovery and general health.

Supplemental Oxygen is given to patients to help them in a variety of ways- from stress, to raise Oxygen levels, to help the body heal. Boost Oxygen makes Supplemental Oxygen convenient, affordable and accessible. Either in Natural or additional Aromatherapies added. 

People around the world use supplemental oxygen to help feel and function better. Boost Oxygen is 95% Pure Oxygen in Convenient, Portable Cans. Oxygen Helps. Oxygen is Here. Help is Here. 

The Ultimate Oxygen Recovery


Checkout this informative case study: you'll be amazed by the results.

BOOST Oxygen Products

Boost Oxygen cans are available in either "Natural" (unscented) or scented with popular (and also all-Natural) aromas for additional aromatherapy benefits.

22 oz = 6 Liters, Up to 150 Inhalations
22 oz = 6 Liters, Up to 150 Inhalations
22 oz and 4 oz Natural cans (shown with 16oz bottle for size comparison)
22 oz and 4 oz Natural cans
(shown with 16oz bottle for size comparison)